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Peek A Boo Bikini

The Bikini, just the hearing word “Bikini” conjures up a mental image totally dependent on gender and culture.  To Men it’s fresh and sexy, for women a vehicle that allows for comfort and freedom of expression, lets them feel more free and alive. For most the bikini has evolved to where it can be an indication of an individual’s mood, inhibited one day and adventurous the next.

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Swimsuit History from mature bikini to extreme bikinis

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Each culture has a unique veiw of the bikini, to some like those in more tropical countries like Brazil, it’s revered and considered the ultimate expression of freedom and beauty.  What else would one wear on the when vacationing in the South Seas?

Sport bikinis have helped change modern stigmas and allowed athletes far more freedom and mobility. Women’s beach volley ball has and almost cult following, especially now that it seems to have world wide acceptance following the Olympic Games.

Men and women alike find the modern thong the ultimate in freedom. Women especially, feel the absence of panty lines an absolute necessity. Thongs were part of men’s tribal clothing in South Africa tens of thousands of years ago making it possibly some of the oldest clothing on the planet.

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Where does this leave us today? It’s very difficult to image more variety than can be found in today’s bikini. From plus size to micro mini and peek-a-boo styles, women can express themselves and be as comfortable as they see fit. Modern styles and fabrics allow for far more creativity and the end result only benefits the body’s of  the worlds sun worshipers and allows them to don an extreme bikini or even a peekaboo bikini and show off in ways never before imagined.

If you look into its history, most information indicates that the bikini was born in the forties after world war two. Delve deeper however and you will find that it has existed for thousands of years, as is depicted on paintings of Greeks as far back as 1400 BC worn by Spartan type women for sporting events, and the Romans in early AD.

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